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  1. Cosmos of the Soul

  2. 手机翻国外网站教程


  3. Bisexual Space Magic

  4. The Quiet Healing EP

  5. 「November」

  6. 「October」

  7. 「Wooten Woods EP」

  8. 「Week Three」

  9. 如何用iphone进入外网

    「Week Two」

  10. iphone怎么永久上外国网站

    「Week One」

  11. 苹果手机如何浏览外国网站

    Favorite Things EP

  12. iphone怎么永久上外国网站

    The Imposter (Single)

  13. Duality

  14. 如何用iphone进入外网

    Lex Wins (Single)

  15. 苹果手机怎么浏览国外

    Through a Drop, Refracted

  16. Cascadia

  17. Layers

  18. Heavy Boots

  19. Meteorologica

  20. 苹果手机最新翻墙


  21. Peculiar Praises for Troubling Times

  22. 浏览国外网站

    Fog & Cirrus

  23. 电脑如何浏览国外网站

    Stalactites EP


Amie Waters image

Amie Waters Portland, Oregon

Hey! My name is Amie and I make music. Been doing it for a long time, under different names, but everything here is me. Motive Makes a Man was my earliest work as an indie folk artist. Also theres a lot of bearded dude stuff under the name Ace Waters from before I came out as trans. Now I go by Amie and I am still gonna make dope synth infused music so enjoy! ... more


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